Champs d'oliviers Sierra Magina Andalousie

The PDOs

In order to guarantee origin and quality to the consumer, most of our products belong to a PDO.

The PDO or Protected Designation of Origin is a protected geographical status, controlled and validated at E.U. level. PDO olive oil labels include the local PDO seal, the E.U. seal (in red and yellow) and a specific number. Each bottle gets a unique number for full traceability.


The three Extra Virgin Olive Oils we propose are all monovarietal and PDO. They are “cold extracted” from early harvested olives (at the beginning of the harvest season, just at optimal maturity).  We chose the PDOs from where the selected varieties are native and particularly representative.


Our suppliers are all independent mills or small cooperatives. Therefore, they all retain the autonomy and flexibility that allows them to focus on quality, even beyond the strict criteria of the PDO, to create olive oils specifically for Tierra de Luz ©. Their olive groves are cared in full respect of the environment and most of theirs olive trees are centuries old. These producers have been selected after careful visits to more than 150 mills all around Spain.


Picual / PDO Sierra Magina

Located in the heart of the Jaen Province, in the North of Andalusia, this small massif with some peaks over 2000m, offers the ideal conditions for olive tree culture: sandy and light lands, good sun exposure, rain in spring and dryness all over the rest of the year.

It is located on the heart of the Picual variety zone.





Hojiblanca / DOP Baena

Located between Jaen and Cordoba, South of the Guadalquivir river, and North of the Subbetican mountains, this PDO is famous for producing the best Spanish olive oil.

This PDO is located on the crocing of the 3  main adanlusian olive varieties: Hojiblanca, Picudo et Picual.





Arbequina / PDO Les Garrigues

Located South of the Lerida region, Catalonia, Spain, its main features are the dryness of its climate and a wild vegetation made of bushes and hawthorns, with some scattered holm oak forests. This  landscape is well known for its terraces leaning against small stone walls. The hot summers are followed by cold winters, cold enough to eliminate most of the plagues that attack the olive tree.

This is the emblematic land of the Arbequina variety.