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Product from the land, light and human workforce for over 4000 years, emblematic of Southern Europe and unavoidable base of the Mediterranean Diet, Extra Virgin Olive Oil is logically the first product of Tierra de Luz©’ range.


In ancient times, olive oil was considered as an essential and holy substance. It was supposed to transfer to the people the vigour and resistance of the almost eternal olive tree, this privileged tie with the Gods.


It’s the third pillar of the basic Mediterranean food, essentially made of grains, wine and olive oil. It was a major source of fat in a society where the consumption of meat and dairy products was very poor. It was eaten simply with bred, as a condiment to be added to vegetables or for cooking dishes.


Since antiquity, people have realized the medical virtues of olive oil and the healthy effects of its consumption.  From then on, many scientific investigations have rationally highlighted these effects,  explained how it worked and identified the micro-nutrients involved: prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases, improvement of the digestive system function, healthy bone growth, diminishing the effects of aging, protection against cancer.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil is, according to the definition of the European Union, a “high quality product, obtained directly from olives using only mechanical processes”. So it is the result of farming (olive growing) and primary industrial transformation (mechanical separation of oil in the mill). The farming part represents over 75% of the added value of the final product.


The range we are proposing result from a great labour of investigation and selection. They have been selected after the detailed visit of more than 150 olive trees plantations and mills all over Spain.




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