Champs d'oliviers Sierra Magina Andalousie

The Varieties

In order to facilitate the consumer’s perception of the 3 different tastes of Olive Oil, we have chosen, to start the range with monovarietal Extra Virgin Olive Oils, with very typical and differentiable varieties.


Intense: Picual

The name of this olive variety comes from its blunt shape. It is mainly produced in the Jaen region, in Andalusia, Spain. Very « stable » extra virgin olive oils are made with this variety thanks to a very high polyphenol content (more than 700mg/kg). « Stability » means long-term conservation and cooking temperature over 190ºC.

Very fruity, strong body, fresh olive and dried fruits aromas, tomato, fig and a hint of wood aftertaste with a pleasant touch of grassy bitterness.


Aromatic: Hojiblanca

Originating from the South of the Cordoba region, west of Lucena, its name refers to the very light colour of its leafs.

The main characteristics of this variety are its late maturing, the    and  the level of complexity of the fieldwork (the olives remain strongly hanging on the branches).

Fruity, well balanced, very scented, sweet, with apple and almond aromas and a light spicy aftertaste.


Mild: Arbequina

Some people assure that it has been brought in Spain by the Catalan King James 1st, after the conquest of Majorca island over the Muslims. Other insist that it comes from Palestine and has been introduced in Spain in the 17th Century by the Duque of Medinaceli. The only certainty is that it received its name from the Catalan city of Arbeca, where it has been grown for the first time in Spain. The fruit is particularly small.

Light and sweet, delicate and slightly sugary, almond and freshly cut grass aromas.